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With it’s 987cc engine 137 mph top speed, the BMW K100 is a great, high-performance motorcycle in its own right. It made waves for the near decade it was in production, but if we’re being completely honest, the true legacy of this bike is as a base for ridiculous builds. Which brings us to the Spitfire Speed Shop BMW K100 Projekt K Motorcycle you see here. Spitfire Speed Shop’s Projekt K is a customer build that started with a full teardown of a BMW K100. Then the team added the front end from a Yamaha GSXR1000, twin disc Tokico brakes, new subframe, custom tail and diamond-stitched seat, small carb setup and, well, the list of other modifications goes on, and on, and on. If this bike didn’t have BMW badging, we’re not sure you’d ever be able to recognize the original base bike because it looks like something completely new.


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