Everyone loves to hate on Segway for the mall cop of it all that put their first product on the map. But ever since they were acquired by Ninebot, they’ve actually put out some pretty powerful and interesting people movers. Their latest release is S-Pod, a kind of self-balancing stroller designed for adults who want a whole new way to get around. It leverages the same self-balancing on two wheels technology that the original Segway is known for, but the S-Pod has a third wheel to balance it while you’re getting in and out and trades the leaning controls for an actual control pad. According to Segway, it’s inspired by the gyrospheres from Jurassic World, but even those probably couldn’t hit the 24 mph top speed the S-Pod can. The Segway-Ninebot S-Pod will officially be unveiled at CES this week, but pricing and availability details have not yet been released by the company.


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