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In an acute case of déjà vu, we were sure we’ve seen the 2.2 Ultra Bike before. This time, however, the ballon-tired e-bike is meant for planet earth. It’s a two-wheel drive that has a 1,000w hub motor in each wheel, big all-terrain tires, and optional floats that stabilize and allow the Ultra Bike to ford water using barely any power. The two-wheel drive and chunky tires can manage serious terrain, and the trellis frame can handle cargo and rescue supplies. Those big tires are fully sealed and can hold water or fuel for generators or vehicles. There’s even an inverter to charge up devices. Robo.Systems is accepting orders right now.

C907W_Elementum 1000×600 (4)

When it comes to the pocket knife we carry everyday we want it all. We want style, substance, cool factor and,  functionality. That’s where this CIVIVI folding pocket knife comes in. D2 blade with black stonewash finish. Ceramic ball bearings in the pivot. Black finished liner lock mechanism. Black ebony wood handle. The list goes on. It’s certainly functional, but it might also be the best looking knife we’ve ever carried–and it’s available in a number of materials, finishes and options. Most CIVIVI models are 25% off right now for Father’s Day.  Find your new favorite CIVIVI Folding Pocket Knife here.