• Prince-Philip-Designed-the-Land-Rover-Hearse-That-Would-Carry-His-Body-to-Its-Final-Resting-Place-1
  • Prince-Philip-Designed-the-Land-Rover-Hearse-That-Would-Carry-His-Body-to-Its-Final-Resting-Place-2
  • Prince-Philip-Designed-the-Land-Rover-Hearse-That-Would-Carry-His-Body-to-Its-Final-Resting-Place-3
  • Prince-Philip-Designed-the-Land-Rover-Hearse-That-Would-Carry-His-Body-to-Its-Final-Resting-Place-4
  • Prince-Philip-Designed-the-Land-Rover-Hearse-That-Would-Carry-His-Body-to-Its-Final-Resting-Place-5

If you’ve spent any amount of time with us here at Cool Material, you know how much we love our vintage Land Rovers–especially when it comes to the Vintage SUVs. But even our love of the old school Rover pales in comparison to that of the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who was known not only for his charitable contributions but his practical skills and interest in design, engineering and bespoke vehicle modifications. Years before his recent death, the Duke designed and converted a vintage Land Rover into the hearse that would carry his coffin down to the repainted military green color scheme, open top rear and special “stops” to secure his coffin in place. This was all put in to practice within the last week, and further cements the Duke’s lover of Land Rovers for more than the past four decades. He might be gone now, but he lives on as a style and motoring legacy for the rest of us.


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