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The still square-ish Volvo wagons from the ’90s are some of our favorite sporty family haulers. They were just the right amount of boxy, combined with a racy front end and wheels that made it look far from Clark Griswold’s Family Truckster. Paul Newman had a love for them and even took them to the next level. This 1998 V90 was gifted to him by one of his race teams but only after a 6.0-liter Corvette engine with 400 horsepower was crammed under the hood. Dubbed the “Volvette,” the car even received updates such as Porsche 911 components in the front end, as well as driveshaft modifications, no doubt to handle the extra power. Otherwise, the V90 looks stock, which is the way Newman preferred it. The car just sold at RM Sotheby’s for more than double its expected $25k estimate.

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