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McLaren isn’t the only exotic automaker creating longtail versions of its offerings. The Pagani Codalunga is an elongated version of its much-lauded Huyara. The special projects division, known as Pagani Grandi Complicazioni, took inspiration from vintage Le Mans race cars to create the Codalunga, most notably in the car’s curved and slightly upturned tail section. The elongated tail amounts to an additional 14 inches of length compared to the Huyara. The best part might just be the absence of the rear grille that allows an untrammeled view of the car’s stunning ceramic-coated exhaust system. The Codalunga gets a more powerful AMG-sourced twin-turbo V12 that’s good for 840 horsepower (110 more than the Huyara). The interior remains the same, but that’s no criticism since the Huyara’s cabin is a feast for the eyes with leather, carbon fiber, and machined aluminum everywhere. A mere 5 units will be handmade at a cost of $7.4 million apiece.


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