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Nikola Motor Company just released some specs and renderings of its upcoming electric pickup truck, the Badger. But it’s so much more than a rugged EV truck. It also uses hydrogen to give it 600 miles of range, including 300 miles on just electric power. The idea behind it is to provide long-range capability with hydrogen and supplement it with electric charging capability when hydrogen stations are sparse. Power output is planned at a whopping 906 horsepower, and the 0-60 sprint should be over in less than three seconds. The real question is can Nikola pull it off? They hope to make the Badger “… in conjunction with another OEM utilizing their certified parts and manufacturing facilities”. No other details have been provided including cost, charging times, or trim levels. We’re just hoping they’ll make an off-road rally trim version and call give it the “Honey Badger” moniker.


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