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While there are certainly plenty of great vintage shops restoring old school rides to better-than-new glory, few of them compare to Motorcar Studio when it comes to revitalizing the International Scout. Case in point–this Motorcar Studio 1977 International Scout II Restoration. Despite the fact this truck is almost half a century old, it looks better than ever–and even better than it did rolling off the line–thanks to the Motorcar Studio treatment that includes a frame-off restoration plus extensive mechanical refurbishment. This restored and well-optioned 4×4 now has a V8, automatic transmission, power steering, power disk brakes, powder-coated GRC bumpers, SSII grill, 33×12.50 mud tires wrapped to 17″ Mickey Thompson wheels, LED lighting, 4″ lift kit, a brand new “Russet” plaid upholstery interior and, well, the list goes on and on. If you want a pure old school project car, this isn’t it. If you want a gorgeously restored, modern performance machine that happens to be packed with all the vintage style, this is the truck for you.


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