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Indian is a motorcycle brand that requires no introduction around these parts because they’ve been putting out quality bikes, accessories, and memorabilia for over a century. They recently teamed up with motocross legend Carey Hart–a renowned bike builder in his own right these days–to make a custom Indian Chief for none other than the Punisher himself, actor Jon Bernthal. The first bike that Hart has built for someone other than himself, this passion project starts as an Indian Chief with a 116 engine that remains almost bone stock except for an exhaust tune. But outside of that minimal change, Hart upgraded damn near everything else. 1″ taller rear piggy back shocks from Fox. San Diego Customs cast seven-arm wheels with adjustable suspension. Custom Saddleman seat that Hart designed himself. Fab28 Industries stainless steel exhaust. Berringer handles, brake systems, and more custom parts than you can shake a stick at. Hart pulled out ALL the stops to make this bike as performance forward as it is comfortable to ride, which is why we expect to see Bernthal riding it around town as soon as he picks it up.


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