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The diminutive 1950s BMW Isetta two-seater microcar was clearly before its time, and now it has returned in the form of the Swiss Microlino micro EV. The little nub of a car is inspired by the Isetta and sports the same single front door. This time, at least, it’s electric-only and doesn’t have the steering wheel partially attached to the inside of the front door. The Microlino is only 8 feet long (a tad taller than Shaq) and has a range of up to 142 miles. Charging takes a mere four hours from a wall outlet or one hour on a Level 2 charger. There are currently 30,000 reservations for this wheeled electric shaver of car, which means the Isetta can hold its head high. It’s also advertised as having “space for two adults and three beer crates” and short enough to park facing the sidewalk. Talk about a great sales pitch.


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