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Maserati is one-upping themselves by taking its excellent MC20 supercar and making a dedicated track beast out of it. The car is called Project24, and it’s not meant to be a race-spec car like the upcoming MC20 that’s built for the FIA GT circuit. But it will have track-ready specs like a sub-2,756-lb weight (552 pounds less than the MC20), a twin-turbo V6 with 740 hp (119 more than the MC20) and a six-speed sequential automatic transmission with paddle shifters.

Other details include wider carbon fiber bodywork, Lexan windows, a mechanical limited-slip differential, Brembo racing brakes, adjustable dampers, forge center lock wheels, adjustable aerodynamics, and even onboard air jacks. It will also have requisite racing details like an FIA fuel tank, roll cage, six-point harness, telemetry recorder, and even the ability to delete the passenger seat. Look for the price to be significantly more than the $215,995 cost of the MC20.


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