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Maserati has revealed its first fully electric SUV in the Grecale. Initially, three versions of the compact Maserati Grecale SUV will be available: a four-cylinder mild hybrid with 296 hp, a four-cylinder 325 hp mild hybrid, and a 530 hp V6. The all-electric Grecale, dubbed the Folgore, will sport 400V technology and is slated to release next year. It will have a 105.0-kWh battery pack and produce 590 pound-feet of torque.

On the inside, the Grecale Folgore is a surprisingly screen-heavy car with a digital dashboard, a large central screen, and a separate display panel for climate and vehicle settings. Maserati used recycled fabrics, including recycled nylon called Econyl, for the interior. The exterior is nearly identical to the gas-powered Grecale SUV although there is an exclusive Folgore color option called Rame Folgore. Thanks to the expansive size, there is ample roominess and plenty of high-end detailing like carbon fiber and wood elements throughout. Maserati has also partnered with Sonus faber for a stunning 360° audio experience thanks to the 14-speaker sound system. Pricing has not been released but estimates place the Maserati Grecale Folgore at around $75,000.

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