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We recently covered a special Lambo Diablo Millennium Edition that went up for auction, but now comes something a bit rarer, at least by way of ownership. This red beauty was owned by none other than racing legend Mario Andretti. It’s appropriate that an Italian exotic speed machine was helmed by one of its fastest countrymen. This 1991 Diablo has fewer than 23,000 miles on the odometer, and it’s only been owned by Mr. Andretti. The stock 5.7-liter V12’s 485 horsepower is as in-your-face as the Diablo Rosso red paint job that’s just about perfect. There have been numerous restorations to bring it back to factory original condition, but the tan leather interior remains untouched during ownership. Forty grand worth of service went into it to bring the mechanicals up to optimal operating condition, and the stereo and rear wing have been upgraded. RM Sotheby’s will auction it in March, where it’s expected to nab upwards of $175,000.


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