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If you grow weary of huge electric vehicles that seem to counter the efficiency of the technology, take a look at the Luvly O. The Stockholm tech company created the Luvly O as a flat-pack mini electric car that weighs much less than a typical EV and provides tremendous efficiency. CEO Håkan Lutz based the O on the data that on average, EV owners drive about 20 miles per day at low speeds with only 1 to 2 occupants. The result is a car that seats two, tops out at 55 mph, and has a range of about 60 miles. It also measures about 9 feet in length, 5 feet in width, and less than 5 feet tall. Even more impressive is the remarkable sub-900-lb weight. The O also utilizes 80 percent less energy from the production, shipping, and distribution than typical EVs. What’s more, just about all of the O is recyclable. Production is slated for later this year for sale in European cities that will surely benefit from the reduced size and practical levels of efficiency.

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