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Living Vehicle, the company known for providing top-of-the-line environmental sustainability in a luxury trailer, recently released details on their 2023 model. Their designs are always meant to stay off the grid for as long as possible, and they’ve certainly stepped it up this year. The two most interesting claims are that the 2023 model doesn’t need to ever plug in to charge and can pull clean water directly from the air. The first is done with automotive grade batteries, which are incredibly energy dense, and solar power, which is the sun. The second is a system powered by technology from WaterGen, a company that specializes in generating consumable water from the atmosphere. It works by capturing condensation off the heating and cooling systems that would otherwise be considered a byproduct and keeping it in an oversized water tank in the trailer. Expect to pay a premium for the whole package, but also expect that, with some lifestyle changes, it’s possibly the last money you’ll spend on housing in a long time.


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