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When it comes to automotive manufacturers, Lincoln isn’t one that comes up in conversation much because the brand has been primarily focused on boats in the past and luxury in the, well, recent past. Rather than celebrating their centennial with a re-release of their first ever luxury vehicle from 1922–the Model L–they’ve released a new concept vehicle that pays homage to it while simultaneously breaking all the boundaries of what we thought the brand was capable of. Enter the new Lincoln Model L100 Concept Vehicle. As they describe in the YouTube teaser you can watch below, “The Lincoln Model L100 Concept isn’t just a concept. It’s a warm embrace. It’s a space to recharge and connect. A sanctuary. But above all, it’s our vision of the future… and it’s just the beginning.” It’s still massive, but it’s packed with crazy amounts of tech and mechanical adornments like suicide doors, a retracting roof, and a comprehensive internal dashboard that is nothing short of spaceship-esque. It might only be a concept vehicle at this point, but if they should decide to somehow make it a reality we’d be the first people in line because this thing is a beaut.

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