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Küschall is a wheelchair manufacturer widely recognized by institutions like MoMA and the reddot design awards for its unique, effective and lightweight designs. Their latest, however, really takes the cake. The Küschall Superstar is an incredibly innovative mobility tool that was designed in partnership with Formula 1 manufacturers to make it the fastest and most lightweight wheelchair ever made. The Formula 1-inspired design is equal parts stunning and fast, but it’s really the construction that makes this wheelchair so ground-breaking. The Küschall Superstar is made with graphene, the strongest material known to man. It’s 200x stronger than steel. It’s 10x tougher than diamond. It’s also incredibly flexible, durable and has a high mechanical resistance. Combine all these things and you get a wheelchair with a frame that weighs less than 3.5lbs, has a 98% propelling efficiency and a top acceleration of 1.3m/s2. In other words, it’s light and fast as hell.

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