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Before we get into the motoring excellence that is the Jaguar F-Type Convertible Rally Car, we need to make you aware that only two of these were ever made. As such, the likelihood of you ever owning one is slim to none—unless you have a checkbook attached to a bottomless bank account. And yet, it’s still worth talking about because hot damn is this car cool. Jaguar made the two F-Type convertible rally cars with design cues from the Chequered Flag Limited Edition that celebrates seven decades of sports car heritage since the original XK 120 was revealed in the late 1940s. Each iteration of the modern classic is powered by a 300PS, 2.0-liter, turbo-charged, four-cylinder engine with mods overseen by Jaguar Design and Engineering. Those upgrades mean you also get better brakes, three-way adjustable shocks, full roll cage, race-seats and three-point harnesses, better wheels and tires, rally lights and, well, lots more. In other words, while it’s not quite a ’60s era Jaguar E-Type—one of our classic cars that define cool—it’s still a looker.


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