• Ironwood-Custom-BMW--R1250-GS-Dominator
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Looking like a Beemer that was birthed by Minecraft and a Tron movie, the Dominator by Ironwood Custom is nothing, if not radical with its orange-trimmed angular bodywork, vertical LED headlight setup, carbon fiber fork, and massive 19″ rear tire. What’s more, the orange highlights actually change their appearance depending on the lighting environment. The tank might just be the most interesting aspect since it incorporates a top cutout with a TW Steel watch embedded for effect and easy viewing. The rear shocks and springs, as well as the hexagonal seat stitching, get a color choice that’s not necessarily intuitive, a candy blue hue that pops in a field of black, grey, and orange. And lest you think BMW would turn away from such a crazy aesthetic, the Dominator was actually built in collaboration with BMW Motorrad. It’s a bike that looks like nothing else we’ve ever seen, and we applaud its boldness.


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