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When it comes to classic cars, nothing beats the allure of the “Factory Fresh Collection” being showcased by RM Sotheby’s in London next month. This curated assortment of 20 vehicles is a time capsule of automotive excellence, offering a glimpse into the world of luxury and speed. Assembled by a mysterious Singapore-based enthusiast who once served as the region’s official Ferrari importer, this collection boasts vehicles from the last 30 years that have been scarcely driven. The collection predominantly comprises 17 Prancing Horses, some of which boast mere delivery mileage on their odometers.

The spotlight car among these pristine gems is the 1994 512 TR Spider, one of only three produced that year and uniquely finished in Blu Cobalto. With a potent numbers-matching 5.0-liter flat-12 and a storied history as part of Ferrari’s 70th-anniversary celebrations in 1997, it’s no surprise that this rare specimen is expected to fetch between $2.6 million and $3.3 million. Other notable Ferraris include a 1973 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS, a right-hand-drive 2001 Barchetta Pininfarina, and a 1990 Testarossa with a mere 100 miles on the clock. But the collection isn’t all Italian, with three British beauties, including a sleek 1991 Bentley Turbo R Drophead Coupé and a sporty 1993 Jaguar XJ220.

The entire Factory Fresh Collection will go under the hammer on November 4 in London, so be sure to register for the auction on RM Sotheby’s website if you’re in the market for one of these meticulously preserved automotive legends.

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Unzip your coat and have some mulled wine on the house—you’ve arrived at your final gifting destination: The Holiday Gift Guide. It’s like your friendly neighborhood one-stop holiday shop, except instead of balsa wood ornaments, ours is packed with thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list. Future heirlooms, small-but-significant stocking stuffers, and gear for getting out there (or staying in)—are all right here. There’s no music playing in the background though, so you’ll just have to hum Bing Crosby while you click around instead.

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