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The buyer of the original base bike, a vintage BMW R100RT, was inspired to do a custom build that he would keep, cherish, and ride for years. What was once viewed as a bit of an “old man bike” has been turned into a scrambler-style beauty any rider would covet. He approached bike builder Ellaspede, and the rest his history. The owner, known as Sam K. was inspired by the CRD49 build by CafeRacerDreams but made the tank colorway his own buy using the ‘Exklusiv Sport / Lufthansa’ paint scheme from a limited number of BMW R90S bikes made in the ’80s. The frame and forks get clad in subtle but stunning anthracite grey. There’s also a custom subframe, an Ellaspede muffler, custom headlamp, shortened black fenders, and a gorgeous blue leather single seat. It’s a truly stunning bike that utterly transforms the R100RT.


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