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It’s seriously difficult to make a Ducati look better and ride better, but deBolex Engineering in the UK has done it with their new Ducati 803. More than a custom build moto outfit, their operations are more of a bespoke coachbuilding nature. The two-man company took the new Ducati Scrambler, a new model that looks vintage and crafted it into a vintage-style racing bike along the lines of the famous Ducati 900. The 803 is just an example of their “1/1”, meaning each one is a singular prototype. Their final 1/1 will be based off the legendary Kawasaki ZXR. Then they will build 25 iterations of their “Lightweight Sports” editions, which are based on the look of the 803 and will use lighter, stronger carbon fiber in place of the 803’s aluminum. Donor bikes will be the Ducati Monster, and customers can select performance and styling upgrades to their hearts’ desire. The asking price is a mere $32,000, and it should be worth every penny.


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