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David Brown Automotive is a shop that’s well known for taking classics like the original Mini roadster and dragging them–sometimes kicking and screaming–into the modern world with no stone unturned when it comes to upgrades. If the original David Brown Automotive Mini Remastered from a handful of years ago wasn’t example enough, the brand is back with a new collaboration with renowned speaker brand Marshall that will, quite literally, blow your socks off. The new Mini Remastered Marshall Edition turns the proverbial volume knob up to 11 with design inspiration and functional application of Marshall’s iconic amplifiers to create a so-called “symphony of style, swagger and pure, unadulterated driving experience.” In practice, that means liberal application of Marshall gold hardware and finishes throughout the interior and exterior, Marshall 8-speaker surround-sound system, integrated touchscreen infotainment system, glove box with induction charging point for Marshall’s Motif Bluetooth Headphones, trunk with Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Speaker and Marshall DSL1 Combo slide-out amp, and even a hand-painted racing helmet and goggles in Marshall Black and Gold. If you want a Mini unlike any other, the David Brown Marshall Edition is it.
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