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The Hades electric motorcycle kind of defies description with echoes of steampunk, executive den, silver bullet, and rotary phone dial all mashed into one seriously cool moto. The Hades was designed by J.T. Nesbitt of Confederate Motorcycles fame, and this might be his most glorious creation. Even though it’s described as minimalist, the fork and swingarm are dark but complex carbon fiber and almost flying buttress-type structures, while the body arcs over the huge cylinder battery case that houses a 16.8kWh unit with 217 horsepower and 147 foot-pounds of face-ripping torque. Unique design cues include brake lights mounted into the bottom of the seat and leather pads on the body for softer contact points. The most shocking part, aside from its pure electric power, is the fact that the singular bike will go on sale next year for a not insignificant $75K.


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