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There’s no denying the fact that the future of transportation as a whole is electric. When we first saw the Citroën Ami One Concept in February, we knew the storied brand was going to have big things in the works when it came to the people moving of the future. The Citroën 19_19 Concept picks up right where Ami One left off in Citroën’s vision of ultra-comfort, extended mobility and autonomous vehicles… and it goes a lot bigger in terms of size, style and performance. For starters, it looks like something that was dreamt up in the production offices of a Hollywood special effects or video game development company, which means it looks incredibly ridiculous and futuristic. The 19_19 Concept is also at least twice as large as its little brother with room for four and a cabin described as “an extension of the passenger’s home.” Most importantly–and this is always the key when it comes to electronic vehicles–the 19_19 Concept has a projected range of almost 500 miles, so you can ride along comfortably as your robot car takes you on a round-trip from Boston to New York without needed to stop for juice.


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