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The International Scout is one of our favorite Vintage SUVs of all time. Designer / 3D artist Carlos Pecino–the man responsible for the Ferrari 308 GTS ‘The Brawler’–is one of our horsepower tastemakers. It should naturally come as no surprise that, when Pecino turned his watchful eye to an International Scout Truck restoration, it landed front and center on our desks. Equal parts old-school Bronco style, upgraded Halo Warthog silhouette, and more parts than Paul Walker would try to order from the local shop for a street race during a Fast and Furious movie, the International Scout ‘Vanguard’ Truck is filled with more performance and panache–inside and out–than anything else you’ll find on the street these days. Is it a big truck? Is it built for Baja racing? Is it designed to outrun anything else on the dunes? Maybe even the local law enforcement? All of those questions can be answered with a simple “yes,” and that’s why we love this concept as much as any other truck we’ve covered.


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