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This rolling aluminum art deco sculpture just happens to double as luxe traveling living quarters. The Bowlus Road Chief Endless Highways might be derived from the original 1935 Road Chief, but it’s now so much more thanks to luxurious appointments and technology, as well as privacy for its four occupants within the 26-foot long silver bullet. What you get for the $185K asking price is a hotel-style bathroom and shower, fine wood and leather, a secure door system, in-trailer WiFi, and the ability to operate the microwave and outlets for a full week on the lithium iron phosphate power system. There’s even an HVAC system that can run for four full hours without additional power. Thanks to its light weight, the Endless Highways doesn’t even need a heavy duty vehicle to tow it. A crossover or standard SUV will do the trick. You might, however, have to upgrade your ride because the Endless Highways really is fit for a king.


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