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Lichtenstein. Warhol. Rauschenberg. Hockney. Koons. All famous artists that any fan would travel the world to see the iconic works of, and also all incredible artists that have lent their talent to the creation of BMW Art Cars. The latest addition to the collection–albeit an unofficial one–is the legendary graffiti artist Futura 2000. Futura was tapped by BMW to create three unique BMW M2 Competition cars that debuted at Frieze Los Angeles. While BMW plans to keep one and likely auction off the other two, they’re also also producing a separate edition of 500 cars that can be purchased by the public starting at around $70k. As for the work itself, Futura gets to lend his unique signature to both the interior and extrior with custom seats, trim, paint job, wheels and, well, pretty much everything else that involves detailing or paint. The Futura 2000 BMW M2 Competition is scheduled to be available for purchase this June.


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