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Elon hasn’t made good on his electric Cybertruck yet, so maybe Audi will get a jump on him with its radical Activesphere. It’s more like a Sportback coupe with the rear cargo section turned into a bed, but it’s super-cool, nonetheless. The sleek off-roader has a hatch that splits. The top half slides up into the roof and then the rear portion folds down to open up the ruggedized bed for bikes, gear, etc. Occupants are protected by a divider that rises up behind the rear seats. The heavily treaded tires have wheels that close to reduce drag, and there’s adjustable air suspension that changes the ground clearance. The very minimalist cabin boasts autonomous driving tech, augmented reality with companion glasses with eye tracking control, huge glass all around, and even a cooled and heated center section for beverages. Power comes from a 100-kWh motor paired with an 800-volt battery, and there’s 373 miles of range. Let’s hope this becomes a real thing.

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