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In case you aren’t up on your Keanu Reeves whereabouts, he can now be found building motorcycles and remaining awesome. The latest bike to roll out of Arch Motorcycles, the shop he started with designer Gard Hollinger, looks like it was pulled straight from the set of John Wick. The Method 143 sports a carbon fiber mono-cell chassis that’s accented with fine leather. Limited to only 23 units, the bike is packed with a 2,343cc fuel-injected V-twin engine, carbon fiber “Turbine” wheels that Arch designed, a proprietary LED headlight design, a mobile phone instrumentation display, and more fine touches. It’s a stunner and, while we don’t have pricing for you, we’d imagine The Method 143 isn’t going to be cheap. 


[Shop]  This All Black Japanese Toolbox is the definition of functional beauty. Built from Japanese stainless steel and finished in a sleek all black paint job, this toolbox looks far better on the shelf than anything from those big box home improvement stores. But, as with so many products that come from the Land of the Rising Sun, functionality is paramount, so you won’t find any unnecessary ornamentation, only a single clasp lock and a rounded handle. At 13” x 5 ½” x 3 ¼”, it’s the perfect size for a simple set of tools that won’t weigh you down when you need to transport them. Of course, while it’s a toolbox, what you choose to store in it is up to you. And since it looks so attractive, it won’t be that weird to keep your pens, pencils, and desk accessories in a toolbox should you go that route.