When is a cruise ship not a cruise ship? When it’s more like a floating amusement park. That’s the case with Royal Caribbean’s latest vessel. The Anthem of the Seas is a 1,100-foot behemoth that contains more than just killer restaurants and sinful relaxation. To add to the virtual balconies, full basketball courts, and, yes, amazing food is a collection of features that will make you question disembarking when you arrive at a port. We haven’t always been ones for cruises, but when you have a robot bartender on board, along with the other features listed below, well, you have our attention.


No, the Anthem of the Seas does not have an aircraft on board to drop you onto a moving ship, obviously. What Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas does have, however, is RipCord by iFly, a wind tunnel that allows you to experience what it feels like to be suspended in air.

Robotic Bartending

No worries about your bartender skimping on the good stuff; with the Bionic Bar, your cocktail is mixed precisely—by a robot. Powered by Makr Shakr, the robotic arms whipping up your beverage have been engineered to always deliver the perfect drink.

Incredible Views

Sure, you could try to go all “king of the world” to get a good view, but the Anthem of the Seas provides a better option. The North Star is a jewel-shaped capsule that takes you 300 feet above sea level to enjoy 360° views.


FlowRider is a 40-foot-long surf simulator that allows those aboard the ship to hop a wave without wading into the ocean. Oh, and stadium seating allows your friends to get a stellar view of you busting your ass.


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