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The Toyota Prius was the pioneer for the hybrid vehicle segment when it began back in the late ’90s. It dominated sales but no one would ever have accused it of being attractive, especially the current generation. With the arrival of more efficient and far less hideous players in the game, sales have waned over the past several years, and Toyota finally got the message. The 2023 Prius gets more power and shockingly eye-catching design that retains the Prius shape without holding onto its less palatable styling cues.

The exterior ditches the pulled taffy face for C-shaped headlights and a longer hood, and the full width taillights give it a wider stance from the back. Toyota also ditched the strange interior, including the blue lollipop shifter for a more conventional version that’s now in the center console instead of the center stack. The new Prius also bumps the horsepower from a paltry 121 up to 193, and there’s a new all-wheel drive system that provides better traction on snow and ice, as well as improved handling characteristics. The PHEV version gets even more power to the tune of 220 horses. Look for the new and way better looking Prius to hit showrooms in the first half of next year. Also, look for them to still clog up the passing lane.

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