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Not many automotive enthusiasts even know about this extremely limited production car known as the SZ or “Sprint Zagato”, also labeled the ES-30 for “Experimental Sports Car 3.0”. Built over a span of only three years, the little sports car was powered by a 3.0-liter V6 and largely built by famed design house Zagato who created many a Lancia and Aston Martin coachbuilds of the highest order. It also sports thin triple headlights, a thick and abbreviated body, and one of Alfa’s best engines. The car’s cornering abilities are legendary, and the fact that this rare car has only 26K miles on it is almost unheard of. Combine that fact with the SZ’s “ugly beautiful” look, and you have a capable sports car that’s both special and unique. This particular car has full documentation, no modifications, and an excellent refurbishment of the interior. It’s a driver’s car through-and-through, and it will make one Alfa connoisseur truly happy.

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