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The GNX is our kind of vintage muscle car, but they’re not easy to find because only 587 of them were made for a period of just one year. This one has a mere 54.8 miles on the odo, and that means collectors will pay top dollar for it when it hits the auction block on July 6th at Mecum. It’s pristine inside and out, including perfect paint, a mint interior, and even stickers on the suspension components. It also comes with original sales paperwork, the Monroney window sticker, original dealer invoice, ASC documentation, a GNX coffee table book, and a Buick Regal GNX jacket. Under the hood of the GNX was the same 3.8-liter V6 as the GN, but the larger turbocharger with a ceramic impeller, a larger intercooler, and a dual exhaust system pushed the output from 245 horses to 276 hp, which is widely touted as being quite underrated. It’s a rare car that should command easily over six figures. May the jockeying for the win begin.


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