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This 1969 ‘Vette is a racing legend that’s about to hit the auction block. It’s actually one of the most famous Corvette race cars of all time, and its place in automotive history is an important one. Created by race car driver and engine builder John Greenwood, the “Stars and Stripes” Corvette is a wide body C3 race car with modified bodywork and that special patriotic livery emblazoned all over. It was originally created as a promotional vehicle but emerged to race duties when its sister car was wrecked. Under the hood is a powerhouse of an engine, a race-spec all-aluminum ZL1 V8 good for 750 horsepower mated to a four-speed manual transmission. The car raced in some of the most grueling endurance races including the 1973 24 Hours of Le Mans where it set a 215 mph record on the Mulsanne straight. The car has since been restored to concourse levels. It will go up for auction at Indy 2023, May 12 to May 20.

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