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The sight of a Porsche 356 is a treat for the eyes, but an Outlaw build is something else entirely. Outlaw builds are tantamount to giving the finger to the purists. This SC GT ‘Outlaw’ is such a vehicle that uses a 1964 356 SC shell and is crafted to become its own version of an SC GT. Two years of work included getting down to bare metal, adding a louvered engine cover, installing a custom oversized fuel tank, giving it a special green paint job, and making the interior bespoke with fawn leather and a Nardi steering wheel. The engine is a 912-based air-cooled flat four rebuilt to extract more power from its 1,833 CCs of displacement. Finally, it’s been lowered for more aggression and improved handling. The black wheels just add to the menace. It’s now up for auction and expected to fetch upwards of $275,000.

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