Sunday’s football games were downright incredible. We’re not going to get into terrible calls (or lack thereof!) or Tom Brady’s inability to fail, but we do know one thing–Super Bowl LIII (53) is only a couple short weeks away. You need a big ass TV to take in the game, and the commercials, properly. Thanks to the miracle that is Amazon Prime, you still have time to get a new 65″ TCL 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV delivered to your door in time for the big game. Even better, the normally $1,100 TV is currently on sale for $611, or 44% off the MSRP. It has everything you want and a price tag that makes it even better. 65″ just a little too much TV for your living room or man cave? Looking to save a couple hundred bucks?  The 55″ version is still on sale for $350. And if you’re looking to save even more cash, or you don’t currently have TV service, pick up a discounted 1byone Amplified HDTV Antenna to grab the game on CBS over-the-air.


In short, this is a key-shaped multi-tool built of stainless steel that has all of the tools you need for everyday repairs for everything from light switches to bicycles. Bit driver. Protractor. Metric and Imperial rulers. Imperial and Metric closed wrenches. Bottle Opener. File. Scoring tip. Wire bender and bike spoke key. Wire stripper. Screwdrivers. 1/4 hex driver pocket. So you might need to throw in some hex bits for specific projects, but otherwise, the Geekey has you covered for almost all of your everyday repair needs. As if that wasn’t enough, the hexogon can also serve as a smoking bowl, with the shaft of the key hollowed out to serve as a pipe.