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Most cookbooks offer directions on how to make your meal, but this might be the first that actually helps you cook it. The Bible of Barbecue was created to promote Tramontina, a Brazilian line of kitchen supplies, and it’s far more useful than your standard cookbook. One page is made out of coal so you can use it to cook, another can be used to sharpen your knife, others are made of salt or turn into an apron, and the cover is wood so you can use it as your cutting board. Everything is organized in the order you would need to cook up some Brazilian steak. It will be available in select bookstores in Brazil soon and probably tough to get your hands on, though, since you’ll tear it apart for one meal, it might be better to just look at the pictures of it.


CBD has an incredible list of benefits when it comes to wellness and recovery, which is why world class athletes Klay Thompson, Alex Morgan, Travis Pastrana and Paul Rodriguez created Just Live. This CBD brand is built on a shared vision of providing a natural solution to wellness and recovery with full transparency. Organically grown, non-GMO hemp–completely free of THC–made into everything from topical pain creams and gummies, to tinctures and sleep gels, all designed to help improve your day. Even better, you get 30% off your entire order with code cool at checkout, so get yours here.