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We’re not trying to date ourselves, but there was nothing quite like listening to your favorite tracks through Winamp or a similar mp3 program with the visualizations plug-in enabled because that additional visual sensory input added an entirely new level of depth and complexity to whatever was being piped into your earholes. The team behind the Van der Waals had the similar idea of combining the audio and visual listening experience to up the ante and deliver a new dimension for your music. That’s where NASA’s ferrofluid comes in. Originally developed to control fuel in zero gravity for rocket ships, the power and unique properties of this magnetic liquid have been harvested for purely entertainment purposes to create the vivid, striking shapes and stunning graphics that are the focal point of the Van der Waals Ferrofluid Speaker. Pair that unique visual approach with a compact and sleek design, along with modern technology and impeccable build quality to create a speaker that belongs in every space. The Van der Waals Ferrofluid Speaker has an estimated delivery date of November 2022.


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