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As much as we’re all for displaying pieces of art on the wall, there’s nothing quite like committing a piece you love to absolute permanence in the form of a tattoo. It doesn’t even matter to us if you’re new school, old school, or somewhere in between—as long as the work is gorgeous, fitting and done by an artist that has any business operating a tattoo machine. It’s in that vein that we recommend you increase your ever-growing collection of coffee table books with TTT: Tattoo, the survey of 250 of the best international tattoo artists working today. Compiled by TTTism and Nicholas Schonberger, this 500+ page book is filled with over 1,500 illustrations, essays and features that examine the history and scholarship of tattooing, along with how it’s evolved differently around the world. With known names like Duncan X, Tomas Tomas, Scott Campbell and Stephanie Tamez, along with lesser-known emerging artists, TTT: Tattoo chronicles the evolution of this most enduring art form. TTT: Tattoo will be released on September 24.

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