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“Steamed Hams” is not only one of the best bits from The Simpsons — a show overflowing with impeccable gags — but it’s also become an enduring meme in the internet era. Now, the brief segment featuring Principal Skinners and Super Nintendo Chalmers lives on as a downloadable point-and-click adventure game developed by one neodement.

The game, which you can also simply play in your browser, basically just follows the plot of the original scene shot-for-shot, line-for-line with players having to correctly choose Principal Skinners’ actions and retorts. However, there’s no penalty if you were to choose the wrong answer. It’s not challenging or engaging. As the developer notes, “This game is intended as more of an interactive experience than an actual game.” By those standards, it absolutely succeeds as a great way to re-experience one of the best jokes in television history.

High Five

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