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Thanks to the resurgence of vinyl records, album art is no longer on a trajectory toward obscurity. What better time, then, to revisit the classics? 1000 Record Covers is a celebration of the greatest album jackets of all time. From Andy Warhol’s work for The Velvet Underground to the grunge covers of the ‘90s, this book is a visual trip down music lane. The 576-page tome includes covers from the ‘60s through the ‘90s, from Titus Turner to Oasis. It’s a coffee table book to pick up and flip through after you’ve dropped the needle on some vinyl of your own.


Timex is a stalwart watch brand that’s been making some of your favorite everyday watches for as long as you’ve been wearing watches. If you want to draw on the childhood nostalgia and vintage-style that made you love watches in the first place, look no further than this Timex x Peanuts exclusively for Todd Snyder collaboration. It’s a modern version of a retro Timex watch that’s built for everyday wear while still having plenty of old-school chic with Snoopy telling the time. It’s a watch that’s sure to impress regardless of what you’re wearing it with.