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Whether it’s the proximity to nature, the rustic appeal, the simplicity of the design or the endless possibilities, the A-Frame cabin is something we’ve all thought about building at one point or another. We’re not quite adventurous enough to build a cliff-hanging A-Frame cabin, and we don’t yet have the land to accommodate a portable A-Frame cabin. But that doesn’t mean we want one any less. Like most everything else we dream of experiencing but can’t justify yet, LEGO is here to save the day with their new A-Frame Cabin set. At just over 2,000 pieces, this LEGO set has everything you need to build an A-Frame of your own–along with all the accoutrements for great adventures. There’s a typewriter for your novel, a camera to capture your wildlife snaps, a coffee pot to keep you going, a guitar for sing-alongs and even a canoe.
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