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Everyone’s favorite viral game of 2022 has hit the big time with the arrival of Wordle: The Party Game. Wordle began as a simple browser game where players guessed the 5-letter word of the day within 6 tries. The New York Times acquired the game and has now unveiled a partnership with Hasbro to bring it to the physical world.

Wordle: The Party Game allows 2 to 4 players to recreate the experience of the digital Wordle game. Each round one “Wordle Host” chooses a secret word that the others have to guess within the allotted 6 tries. The fewer tries a player takes to guess the word, the fewer points they score. The player with the fewest points at the end of the game is the winner.

The board game version of Wordle is available now for pre-order for $20. Included in the box are three Wordle boards, three shields, a Secret Word board, three dry-erase markers, 45 green tiles, 45 yellow tiles, and the game guide.


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