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Brooklinen’s Classic Hardcore Bundle is set to give your bed a good-looking and comfortable makeover. Woven in lightweight cotton percale, the sheets are cool, crisp, and ultra-breathable. They’re built to be soft yet strong. Oh, and they look sharp as hell. Ready to ditch your worn sheets and upgrade? Here’s what you should know:

What is it?

Brooklinen’s flagship bundle. You’ll snag a a flat sheet, fitted sheet, duvet cover, and four pillowcases. The linens boast a 270 thread count in a 100% Egyptian cotton perscale weave. English translation: they’re super comfortable.

Who is it made for?

Anyone looking for a good night’s sleep and a good-looking bedroom in the process. They’re also perfect for anyone sick and tired of tossing sheets that rip and tear, as Brooklinen’s are made from single-ply yarn that is extremely durable.

How does it feel?

You know how great it feels to slip into bed after you’ve washed your sheets? That’s the feeling you’ll get every time you hop in bed with Brooklinen sheets. The percale weave results in a matte finish that’s cool and crisp, and the extra-fine 60 count cotton yarns mean your sheets are smoother and lighter than most others.

What we liked:

Um, how about saving a ton of cash? When it comes to the Classic Hardcore Bundle, you’re saving 25% versus buying the pieces separately. That means you can go from old, tired, stained sheets to clean, sharp, fresh sheets and save money in the process. There’s a reason it’s the most popular bundle Brooklinen offers.

Coolest feature:

Even though this is a bundle deal, you can still mix and match to craft the perfect bed. Want a duvet in Solid Navy but sheets in Solid White? Not a problem. Prefer sheets with a Window Pane pattern paired with a Solid Smoke duvet and a couple of other pillowcases? You can do that too.

Final thoughts:

It’s probably been far too long since you’ve replaced your sheets. Instead of getting another set you’ll get sick of and want to toss, turn to Brooklinen’s Hardcore Bundle for something better.

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