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If you’re anything like us, there is no world where taking a shit in a 5’x5’x7′ plastic rectangle can be considered anything other than degenerate, but when you gotta go, you gotta go. That’s what Porta Potties are for, and startup Wasted* wants to change the way you think about the them from the ground up. As they straight up say on their homepage, “Traditional porta-potties are the worst. Combining waste and adding chemicals makes them toxic messes.” They’re correct, without a doubt. They go on to declare that they’re “Transforming waste, one portable toilet at a time,” which might seem like a fool’s errand given the task, but they more than deliver. Every Wasted* station features sustainable services and products like bamboo TP, waste diversion technology, and airflow ventilation, along with scientifically focusing on turning your most unmentionable act–yeah, that’s right, we’re talking about pooping–into a source of high-nutrient fertilizer that could make this whole “circular sanitation system” something we could all get behind. We won’t deny that it’s a little bit gross, but you’ll be glad you dealt with all of this now before you were the last of us.


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