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Four suits of thirteen cards that make up a 52 card deck that’s housed in a folding-top box. It’s the standard playing card deck, and it hasn’t changed significantly in millennia. The format might have to remain the same, but that doesn’t mean you can’t customize with new artwork and designs on the front and back. That’s exactly what Bradley Mountain did when they teamed up with Christian Watson of 1924us to create this Venture Mobiles deck of cards. Outside of the core functionality, this deck of cards is completely unique and redesigned. Each card features a hand-drawn collection of suit indicators or a hand-drawn vehicle on the front, with the exception of the Ace of Spades which features a boot (the most core mode of travel). If you’re not already using this deck around the campfire, it will certainly get your wanderlust going.


We’re sick of the quarantine beard, so we’re going clean shaven again. We’re doing it with a Henson razor. Precision-machined out of aluminum by a boutique aerospace manufacturer, this razor feels and works better than anything else on the market. It presents the blade at such a precise angle you can barely feel the shave. It’s uncanny. Most guys (and gals, they have a women’s razor) prefer drugstore cartridge razors because they’re plug ‘n play. Honestly, the Henson design ensures perfect positioning every time, and it’s cheaper and better for the environment long-term. Switch today.