Whether you’re talking skillets, dutch ovens or griddles, cast iron is better for almost anything you want to cook. It retains heat longer. It’s non-stick because of the natural seasoning. It’s suitable for the fire, the stove top and the oven. Most importantly, it’s designed to last more than a few lifetimes. There are plenty of great companies making cast iron cookware, but Lodge has always been one of our favorites because their options are affordable. Are you really worried about spending $10 on one of our favorite cast iron skillets (it’s still on sale, by the way) even if you only ever use it once? Of course not, because that’s less than a six-pack of decent beer. But if you want to use it for the rest of your life, it’s more than capable. And so is the Lodge Logic Square Skillet that’s currently on sale for more than fifty percent off. This $15, 10″ skillet can take care of all your cast iron cooking needs. Just don’t wait to pull the trigger because the price could go up at any time.


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