• This-Lodge-Cast-Iron-Combo-Set-Is-on-Sale-for-Less-Than-Thirty-Bucks-1
  • This-Lodge-Cast-Iron-Combo-Set-Is-on-Sale-for-Less-Than-Thirty-Bucks-2

At this point, Lodge cast iron is pretty much the worst kept secret in the world of cast iron cookware. Lodge cast iron skillets, Dutch ovens, fryers, and griddles are as durable and versatile as everything else on the market except they’re available at a fraction of the cost of other options. If you’re just getting started in the world of cast iron [Ed. Note: Check out 7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Cook in Your Cast Iron Skillet if you need some great recipes.], or you’re looking to expand your options, this Lodge 3 Quart Cast Iron Combo Cooker set belongs in your collection because it can cook just about everything. The two-piece combo set is made up of a deep skillet (perfect for veggies) and a smaller skillet (perfect for a nice cut of meat) that are designed to be combined to create a pretty robust Dutch oven if you’re making a stew. You don’t really need a separate lid anyway, so the fact that you get that functionality with a second skillet just makes it even better. But the best part is definitely the price. Right now, this combo is on sale for $27–56% off the retail price of $62–which means you’re paying less than fifteen bucks per piece. It’s a steal.


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