Since we’re all stuck inside, we decided to do some digging to find useful products to help stay productive, occupied, entertained and fit while you Stay Home.

There are a lot of pieces of kitchen equipment that are essential, but there are just as many pieces of kitchen equipment that are a luxury, frivolous or completely unnecessary. Do you need a Slap Chop or a Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Grill? Absolutely not. Do you need at least one really good chef’s knife? Without question. That’s why we love this Global 8″ Chef’s Knife, aka one of the knives Anthony Bourdain thought everyone should have. Made out of high-tech molybdenum / vanadium stainless steel with a molded and dimpled handle and razor sharp edge, this lightweight and precisely balanced knife makes any cutting task an absolute breeze. Dicing? No problem. Mincing? Not an issue. Julienne or Chiffonade? Easily tackled with this knife. Even if you’re just slicing fruit for cocktails, cutting a sandwich in half or working on your knife skills, every time you use this knife you’ll wonder why didn’t buy it sooner. It’s just that good.


Whether you’re driving up the coast, grilling out and spending time at the beach, sunglasses are an absolute necessity in the summer. We’ve tried all the options from expensive, established brands to the no-name knockoffs from the gas station. We keep coming back to Woodies wooden sunglasses because they’re stylish, effective, built-to-last and, most importantly, affordable enough that you won’t worry if they get lost during your adventures. With almost 100 styles–including full wood options that float in the water–there’s no better sunglasses option out there this year. Get your Woodies today.